What’s Special.

MONDAYS:  Every Monday is Pop-Culture Trivia night here at Zog’s, starting at 9:15pm.  Triviamaster Dave gives you four rounds each week, which means four chances every Monday to win a round of beers or free pool cards for your team.  Past categories include Name That TV Sitcom Tune, High School Science, Marvel Comics, List Every NFL Team in 12 Minutes, and other awesome subjects.  With Mandey giving you $3 hi-balls and weekly rotating beer specials, you really can’t go wrong.

TUESDAYS:  Come perform all your favorite cheesy songs on Rock Band Night!  That’s right, with a full Rock Band setup and hundreds of songs to choose from, you can show off your Bon-Jovi-esque talent on the big screen in front of a bunch of your peers.  If you need a couple drinks in you before you do that, do not fear because every Tuesday all pints are $2.50, even the really fancy ones.  For those of you who don’t like Rock Band, we’ll have stuff like Red Dead Redemption and Street Fighter on-hand too. All the fun starts at 7pm and goes till you get tired of it, some come show Ian and Mandey watcha got.

WEDNESDAYS:  Just because you’re worth it, Ian’ll be slinging $2.25 domestic bottles and our special Texas Floods, our tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan.  It’s a big ol’ drink with all sorts of crap in it like Southern Comfort, bourbon, Triple Sec, OJ, grapefruit and sour.

THURSDAYS:  Mandey’s Hurricanes are on special every Thursday.  If you’ve never been to New Orleans, this is a good place to start educating yourself.  There are nine awesome ingredients and they go for cheap.

SUNDAYS:  Come visit James Brown for FREE POOL all night.  It’s members only so make sure you take care of that.  And remember, it’s Soundtrack Sunday so if you have a favorite movie theme song, bring it in and James’ll put it on for you.  This means Top Gun, you know.


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