Army Men

Dear Internet Viewer,

The Army Men have been purchased and are flying to my house right now.  There are 144 of them and they’re ready to be lovingly washed in our brand new three-compartment sink and placed delicately in the bottom of your Bomb.Repeat.Bomb, Zog’s’s version of the famous New Orleans Hand Grenade.  If your name’s not Sean Marshall or if you’ve never been to New Orleans, just know this. . .the drink is good.  It’s full of booze and tastes like honeydew melons and sheesh, dudes, it’s got toys in it.

The name, of course, is a tribute to both Ted Leo and Chris Plummer, and you need to come get one as soon as the men get here.  For other specialty drinks, please click on the Zogtails tab above.

See you so, so soon.  Time for trivia.




One Response

  1. OH! I want one! Mandey, you know your patrons all too well. Booze and toys, how can we resist?!

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