Updated Events/Drink Specials Lists

Hey y’all!  Here’s a list of drink specials and events, as well as who’ll be bartending for ya.  Remember, every day of the week, pool is 1/2 price from open-9, except on Sundays when it’s COMPLETELY FREE.

MONDAYS (Brad and Mandey):  $3 Well Hi-Balls, rotating beer specials

11th-HOUR TRIVIA is every Monday at 11pm.!  Triviamaster Dave brings pop-culture rounds each week, which means four chances every Monday to win a round of beers or free pool cards for your team.  Past categories include Name That TV Sitcom Tune, High School Science, Marvel Comics, List Every NFL Team in 12 Minutes, and other awesome subjects.

TUESDAYS (Mandey):  $2.50 Pints

Come perform all your favorite songs on Rock Band Night with a big projection screen, full Rock Band setup and hundreds of songs to choose from!  If Rock Band’s not your thing, we’ve got pool, darts, and board games like Scrabble and Jenga.  All the fun starts at 8pm and goes till you get tired of it.

WEDNESDAYS (Brad): $2.25 Domestic Bottles

THURSDAYS (Mandey):  $1 off of everything on the Zogtails list!

FRIDAYS (Mr. Jawbones or Brad): Rotating beer and Zogtails specials

SATURDAYS (Mr. Jawbones and Mandey): Rotating Beer and Zogtails specials

SUNDAYS (Mr. Jawbones):  FREE POOL all night and  weird Martini Special

Sundays are Mr. Jawbones’ Old Skool Movie night, as well.  He shows everything from Beavis and Butthead Do America to The Dark Crystal.


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