Party and Pool and new Arcade Games!

Happy Holidays!  First off, we have a holiday party coming up on Tuesday, Dec. 21, at 9pm and everyone’s invited!  That means you!  People are bringing snacks but you don’t have to.


no snobbery.



Also, upcoming pool tournaments are as follows:

Tuesday, January 11, 9pm:  Doubles 8-Ball.  $5 PER PERSON.

Tuesday, January 25, 9pm:  Singles 9-Ball.  $10 PER PERSON.

Sign up with a bartender any time before the event!  Cash Prizes.


The last pool tournament had 18 participants!

And yesterday, we got a GOLDEN TEE and a MULTICADE (complete with all 3 Pac-Man games, 2 Donkey Kongs, Dig Dug, Galaga, and more!  Come play!


Also, we’re building our business on Yelp!  Click on this link to see our page, write reviews, or get printable/Smartphone coupons!  To subscribe to this blog, check out the sidebar and sign up!  I never send out more than one post every couple of weeks, so you won’t be bombarded.

That’s all!

Love, Mandey.


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