Some pictures for you!


Okay, now that we got the exciting Multicade out of the way, just a few things:

First monthly Potluck for NO DAMN REASON on Tuesday, January 18 at 9pm.  Bring whatever you want.  We’re gonna do this every month so come bearing theme ideas!

Doubles 8-Ball tournament on January 11th at 9pm!  Sign up now.  $5 per person.  Cash prizes.

Singles 9-Ball Tournament on January 25th at 9pm!  $10 per person.  Cash prizes.

Don’t forget Pop Culture Trivia at 11pm every Monday!

Enjoy the pics!

Birthday lemon!

F.A.I.L.S. group!

Dictaphone Lounge!

Oaxaca hallway.

Chris and Dawes being fancy.

Kumquats and Army Men.

Even Justin Beiber needs friends.

Mr. Jawbones!

Fake Tattoo time!

Grown-Ups deserve birthday parties too!


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