September Potluck (and a couple of potluck pics)!

Kellye and Megan admire Jedd's Famous Omelet Bar!

Join us on Sunday, September 11, from noon-4pm for our next brunch potluck!  As always, Jedd’s Famous Omelet and French Toast Bar will be in full swing, and we’ll have build-your-own Bloody Marys on special!  Mimosas and Meximosas (champagne+Jumex) for $4!  If you’re into hard liquor after church, I can make you a shot guaranteed to taste like pancakes and syrup.  Try me.

Visit this link to view our Facebook Invite.  RSVP so we know how much stuff to get!!

Bring your favorite Brunch dish!  If you can’t bring any food, bring $8 to gain access to the smorgasbord. All paper products provided, and kids are welcome!  Pool is free, and so is coffee and hot tea.

Love, Mandey

P.S.: Here are a couple of pics from our last few potlucks:

Even vegetarians have fun at the Zoggy Potlucks.

Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary bar.

Sometimes the Wiley Fosters come play for us!

Jon Haas and Jedd with the Omelet Bar.


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