1 MONTH.  1 BAR.  31 EVENTS.

Every night in October is rockin’. Live Bands! Talent Show! Beer Tastings! Cook-off Contest! Mandey’s Birthday Party! Spooky Bingo & Trivia with weird prizes! Free Pool & Scary Movies on the big screen every Sunday!

Here’s the schedule so far. You can RSVP to this whole event no matter what you’re attending.

Sun, Oct 2, 5pm-2am: Free POOL and Scary MOVIE Night
Mon, Oct 3, 9pm: Spooky BINGO! Win cool prizes!
Tues, Oct 4, 8pm: Oktoberfest BEER TASTING with Evan, $5*
Wed, Oct 5, 11pm: TRIVIA with Dave! Win prizes!
Thurs, Oct 6: Scary Movies
Fri, Oct 7, 7pm-2am: MANDEY’S and ZOG’S BIRTHDAY PARTY

Sat., Oct 8: LIVE MUSIC by Spiralfire! 
Sun, Oct 9, 5pm-2am: Free POOL and Scary MOVIE Night
Mon, Oct 10, 9pm: Spooky BINGO! Win cool prizes!
Tues, Oct 11: Scary Movies
Wed, Oct 12, 11pm: TRIVIA with Dave! Win prizes!
Thurs, Oct 13: Scary Movies
Fri, Oct 14: Scary Movies

Sat., Oct 15, 7-10pm: LIVE MUSIC by The Fooligans (at 10)! Abita Pecan Harvest COOK-OFF CONTEST (at 7)!
Sun, Oct 16, 5pm-2am: Free POOL and Scary MOVIE Night
Mon, Oct 17, 7pm-2am, POTLUCK with LIVE MUSIC by Dirt vs. Dust
Tues, Oct 18, 8pm: Oktoberfest BEER TASTING with Evan, $5*
Wed, Oct 19, 11pm: TRIVIA with Dave! Win prizes!
Thurs, Oct 20: Scary Movies
Fri, Oct 21: Scary Movies

Sat., Oct 22: Scary Movies
Sun, Oct 23, 5pm-2am: Free POOL and Scary MOVIE Night
Mon, Oct 24, 9pm: Spooky BINGO! Win cool prizes!
Tues, Oct 25: Scary Movies
Wed, Oct 26, 11pm: TRIVIA with Dave! Win prizes!
Thurs, Oct 27, 9pm Rockin’ Ammonia KARAOKE, $2
Fri, Oct 28: Scary Movies

Sun, Oct 30, 2pm-7pm: Pumpkin Carving, Kids welcome!
Mon, Oct 31: HALLOWEEN w/ LIVE MUSIC from local streetpunks BAD IDEA: $5

*Note: there are limited spaces for the beer tastings. Please see a bartender to sign up and pay in advance.


September Potluck (and a couple of potluck pics)!

Kellye and Megan admire Jedd's Famous Omelet Bar!

Join us on Sunday, September 11, from noon-4pm for our next brunch potluck!  As always, Jedd’s Famous Omelet and French Toast Bar will be in full swing, and we’ll have build-your-own Bloody Marys on special!  Mimosas and Meximosas (champagne+Jumex) for $4!  If you’re into hard liquor after church, I can make you a shot guaranteed to taste like pancakes and syrup.  Try me.

Visit this link to view our Facebook Invite.  RSVP so we know how much stuff to get!!

Bring your favorite Brunch dish!  If you can’t bring any food, bring $8 to gain access to the smorgasbord. All paper products provided, and kids are welcome!  Pool is free, and so is coffee and hot tea.

Love, Mandey

P.S.: Here are a couple of pics from our last few potlucks:

Even vegetarians have fun at the Zoggy Potlucks.

Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary bar.

Sometimes the Wiley Fosters come play for us!

Jon Haas and Jedd with the Omelet Bar.

Potluck and Live Music, Tuesday 1/18!

Zog Daddy Jimmie with Will (L) and Brad (R) of The Wiley Fosters!

Hey!  Open to everyone 21+, Zog’s is having a Potluck For No Damn Reason on Tuesday, January 18th, at 7pm with special guests The Wiley Fosters* (William Dawson of Squirrel Nut Zippers, Alcazar Hotel, and Katherine Whalen and her Fascinators and Brad Porter of Alcazar Hotel and Katherine Whalen and Her Fascinators) going on around 8pm.  Currently there are about 30 people signed up for the Potluck, which means there will be tons of food, fun, great people, and no snobbery happening on Tuesday.

If you’ve never been to Zog’s, you need to check it out.  Pool tables, arcade games, board games, specialty New Orleans-style cocktails and weird art everywhere make for a fun and interesting night out, and plus everyone’s friendly and really excited to meet new people.  If you haven’t been to Zog’s in while, you really should stop by to see the changes.  It’s still a neighborhood bar, but now with a new divey, artsy twist.  If you’re a regular at Zog’s, you’re already signed up for the Potluck, so just show up at 7 or whenever you can!  Since so many of us work in the service industry, there will be another small influx of people coming around 10 or 11, so don’t feel bad if you have to come late!

*Note:  in the above band links, WIlliam is the guitarist and Brad is the drummer.  The Wiley Fosters are a 2-piece blues-rock band who play a mix of incredible originals and much-loved covers, and Brad’s a bartender at Zog’s, so he’s definitely someone you should come meet!  The show is free but the guys work for tips, so, if you can, throw bucks in the box and rock out!

Mandey's Wiley Fosters flyer!



Some pictures for you!


Okay, now that we got the exciting Multicade out of the way, just a few things:

First monthly Potluck for NO DAMN REASON on Tuesday, January 18 at 9pm.  Bring whatever you want.  We’re gonna do this every month so come bearing theme ideas!

Doubles 8-Ball tournament on January 11th at 9pm!  Sign up now.  $5 per person.  Cash prizes.

Singles 9-Ball Tournament on January 25th at 9pm!  $10 per person.  Cash prizes.

Don’t forget Pop Culture Trivia at 11pm every Monday!

Enjoy the pics!

Birthday lemon!

F.A.I.L.S. group!

Dictaphone Lounge!

Oaxaca hallway.

Chris and Dawes being fancy.

Kumquats and Army Men.

Even Justin Beiber needs friends.

Mr. Jawbones!

Fake Tattoo time!

Grown-Ups deserve birthday parties too!

Party and Pool and new Arcade Games!

Happy Holidays!  First off, we have a holiday party coming up on Tuesday, Dec. 21, at 9pm and everyone’s invited!  That means you!  People are bringing snacks but you don’t have to.


no snobbery.



Also, upcoming pool tournaments are as follows:

Tuesday, January 11, 9pm:  Doubles 8-Ball.  $5 PER PERSON.

Tuesday, January 25, 9pm:  Singles 9-Ball.  $10 PER PERSON.

Sign up with a bartender any time before the event!  Cash Prizes.


The last pool tournament had 18 participants!

And yesterday, we got a GOLDEN TEE and a MULTICADE (complete with all 3 Pac-Man games, 2 Donkey Kongs, Dig Dug, Galaga, and more!  Come play!


Also, we’re building our business on Yelp!  Click on this link to see our page, write reviews, or get printable/Smartphone coupons!  To subscribe to this blog, check out the sidebar and sign up!  I never send out more than one post every couple of weeks, so you won’t be bombarded.

That’s all!

Love, Mandey.

Pool Tournament Dec. 14 at Zog’s

Zog’s Pool Tournaments are back!  8-ball, double-elimination Pool Tournament on Tuesday, 12/14 at 9pm!  Three 9-ft, non-coin-op tables,  APA rules.  $5 to play.  Cash prizes.  Sign up any time during business hours (5pm-2am daily) and do it soon so we know what we’re workin’ with!  Bring your five dolla’ when you sign up.


Old School 16mm Reel to Reel Films at Zog’s!

Attention film buffs and fans of Old School gadgets!  Zog’s now has weekly 16mm Reel-to-Reel Film nights brought to you by Zog Daddy Jimmie Brown!


Jimmie with his Projector!



Old movies and TV shows played on the big screen include:

1930s Flash Gordon


Buster Crabbe being very tough.



Dr. Seuss!!  (Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Lorax, The Sneetches, and more!)


Actual photo from Zog's movie night!




W.C. Fields







Actual photo taken from one of our film nights!


Next movie night is Sunday, November 28 at 8pm!  We’re showing The Lorax and several other awesome flicks!  You’ve GOT to see this!

See you Sunday!

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