Very Old South meets Uppermost South

I don’t mind when people call North Carolina “The South,” because something in the line of states moving upwards has to be the last “South,” but it makes me snicker since there’s even a “North” in “North Carolina.”

However.  I got to thinking.  If I’m gonna claim the South as a New Orleans native and giggle at other states on the basis of my own semantic idiosyncrasies, maybe I should look inward and realize there’s a “New” in “New Orleans,” the word “new” in a place where nothing is new, everything is old, and nothing isn’t based in spooky and/or debaucherous tradition. Am I a hypocrite for thinking any state with a “North” in its name shouldn’t be considered Southern?

Now that we’ve settled that, I’d like to formally introduce you to a very old party in a somewhat Southern state…Zog’s Third Annual Mardi Gras Bash with Stuart McNair.

Mardi Gras things at Zog's

Mardi Gras things at Zog’s

Jedd and Mandey from the last party!

Jedd and Mandey from the last party!

This will be on special.

This will be on special.

Come make your very own Masquerade Mask, enjoy free billiards and snacks, cheap Abita Beers and Hurricanes, and once again dance to the Zydeco stylings of our one-man extravaganza, Stuart McNair.

It’s coming up soon, Feb. 8 at 7pm, so clear your calendars and come by.  Zog’s will be packed, so get there early.  Mask-making starts at 7, music at 9.  Wear a costume.  We won’t recognize you if you don’t.

If you’re busy that night, come by even sooner for local darlings Johnny Staxx and the Durty Boyz on Friday, February 1st, and the funky four-piece Honeychile on March 16.

And don’t forget.  Pool is free every Sunday and half-free from 5-9pm every other day. Since we believe in week-long birthdays, you and your friends get free pool for the whole week surrounding yours.

Lastly, Zog’s is now home to the World-Famous, First-Ever, Bathing Sarcophagus.  Come see it in action.  Our free-hour-of-pool this time around goes to the first one who mentions said sarcophagus to us.



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