Zog’s is a very dog-friendly bar.  We’ve got fancy water bowls and we even keep treats behind the bar for all our puppy friends!  You’re welcome to bring your dog

up anytime as long as:

1. You bring a leash (the dog desn’t have to be on it the whole time but it’s good to have one on hand since we usually keep the front and back doors open), and

2. You CLEAN UP WHATEVER MESS YOUR DOG MAKES.  You know what I mean.

And that’s it!  So bring your pup up and we’ll get a picture of him or her and slap it up in this section and voila!  Your doggie’s famous on the Information Superhighway!

that's an actual, alcoholic, Basil-Berry Smasher. we love this dog.


Meet Bella! She's a treat-hog! But she deserves to be.

Soudee, the Zoggy Queen! Her mama and uncle both work at Zog’s, so she gets extra garnish on her drinks.

Agatha checks IDs for us. She apparently does not want to let Corey in.

This is Dale! Check out his Twitter at http://twitter.com/wagthedale

Say howdy to Rowdy!

Dad! Just one more game of pool!

Mandey cannot pour your drinks as long as Commander Riker is at the bar. You understand, right?

Jackson and Commander Riker meet for the first time.


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  1. Othello (the beautiful beagle in the first picture), Kent, and I love Zog’s.

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